Seed card
Seed card

What is Seed Card?

It is a card issued by the Jain Beej Bhandar Agro Private Limited which not only provides improved seeds to the member card holders but also provides scientific level advice and assistance to the farmers in improved agriculture and quality crop production. Seed purchased from seed store.

Card Holder

By earning points on the products, special discounts can also be availed on the products decided under the scheme going on at that time.

Special Moment

The seed card of the Beej Bhandar was released by Agriculture Minister Madhya Pradesh Government Mr. Kamal Patel and Khargone MLA Mr. Ravi Ji Joshi.

Seed Card Smart Card of Modern Agriculture –

Benefits and Features of Seed Card:

The Beej Bhandar provides seeds of various crops of best quality to every member at the lowest price.

Advice on advanced farming techniques is provided free of cost to the members. Scientific advice is provided to the members regarding crops as per the nature of weather, climate and soil.

Seed card

Camps for scientific advice are also organized from time to time for the members. Information about modern agricultural equipment for different types of crops is provided to the members and support is provided for their availability. Members are provided with information about high quality cash crops.

Information about government schemes is made available to the members. To ensure fair price of crops, information about fair price for sale of crops in nearby markets and markets is provided to the members. Proper guidance is provided to avail the benefits of schemes like Crop Seed Scheme, Crop Compensation.

Efforts are being made to implement schemes like joint crop market for the benefit of farmers.

Latest Agriculture Scheme:

Through this scheme, the Beej Bhandar is working on modern agriculture as well as latest technology agriculture for its member farmers. Apart from traditional crops, an important objective of this scheme is to provide its members with information about organic, Ayurvedic agriculture and crops of highest profit as per the market demand, their production and availability of market for their sale.

Advice is provided to members on how to get more profits at less cost by using latest agricultural techniques and latest agricultural equipment.

Seed card Holder

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