When life hands you dirt plant seeds

we have the opportunity to create something new and beautiful. Just as planting seeds in the soil can lead to the growth of vibrant plants, we can find hope and potential for growth in even the toughest situations.

Beej Bhandar, a prominent name in the agricultural industry, stands as a leading brand offering a diverse range of vegetable seeds to farmers. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Beej Bhandar has earned its reputation by providing farmers with an extensive selection of high-quality seeds. The brand takes pride in offering a wide variety of vegetable seeds, catering to the specific needs of farmers and agricultural enthusiasts.
Operated under the company name Jain Beej Bhandar Agro Private Limited, Beej Bhandar has successfully expanded its operations across more than 18 cities. This geographical reach signifies the brand’s dedication to reaching out to farmers on a broader scale. These retail outlets serve as hubs of agricultural knowledge and provide farmers with access to a wide array of seeds, enabling them to make informed choices for their crops.

Who We Are

Beej Bhandar’s relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in its diverse product range and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The brand’s vision extends beyond regional boundaries, as it is actively working towards establishing a pan-India presence. By aiming to spread its services across the entire nation, Beej Bhandar is poised to revolutionize the agricultural landscape by empowering farmers with top-quality seeds and comprehensive support.
With its strategic expansion plans and dedication to agricultural advancement, Beej Bhandar, under Jain Beej Bhandar Agro Private Limited, continues to make significant strides in the agriculture industry, fostering growth and prosperity for farmers across India.

Why Us

One Stop Shop For Farmers Needs

We are one of the prominent brands supplying range of seeds under one roof.

Our Vision

With consistent performance in all functional areas of the Company, our endeavour is to make Jain Beej Bhandar Agro Pvt. Ltd.  a benchmark seed supllier with the best of service and research based product provider.

Our Mission

Beej Bhandar’s mission is to empower farmers by offering a diverse range of top-quality vegetable seeds at affordable prices while providing expert consultation to guide them in making informed decisions for each sowing season. Through personalized advice, the company enhances agricultural practices, promotes sustainability, and ensures economic stability for farmers. Beej Bhandar advocates for affordable, high-quality seeds, focusing on expert guidance, sustainable farming practices, community development, and fair trade. Additionally, the company invests in research, innovation, and continuous support, fostering long-term relationships with farmers and contributing to their overall prosperity and the sustainable development of agricultural communities

Our Leaders

Vinod Jain

Mr. Vinod Jain


Vivek Jain

Mr. Vivek Jain

Managing Director

Our Leaders Story

Vinod Jain


Mr. Vinod Jain

Founder Jain Beej Bhandar Agro Pvt. Ltd.

The founder of Jain Beej Bhandar Agro Private Limited, Mr. Vinod Jain, started his business career in 1975 when he founded Jain Agro Agency. His main objective was to improve the agricultural environment by providing farmers with high-quality seeds for their crops.

He has maintained a strong sense of engagement and initiative throughout his extraordinary trip, displaying unreserved dedication to his cause.

Additionally, Mr. Jain is not only a successful businessman but also a devoted social activist who actively takes part in numerous projects that promote society’s well-being. It is clear from his twin roles as a corporate leader and a socially responsible person that he is passionate about having a positive impact on both the agricultural industry and the larger community.

Managing Director

Mr. Vivek Jain

Managing Director of Jain Beej Bhandar Agro Pvt. Ltd

Meet Mr. Vivek Jain, an accomplished Managing Director at Jain Beej Bhandar Agro Pvt. Ltd. His impressive journey includes roles as the past District NSUI President, Jain Yuva Mandal President, and more. He’s a driving force behind Jain Agro Agency’s transformation into a thriving enterprise, thanks to his visionary leadership and innovative thinking.

Mr. Jain’s mission is clear: to make Jain Beej Bhandar Agro Private Limited the ultimate destination for farmers worldwide. His unwavering commitment ensures that farmers can conveniently access comprehensive agricultural solutions in one place.

Beyond his corporate success, he’s a passionate community leader, dedicated to social causes. As the National President of Jain Prabudh Manch, his impact extends far and wide. Mr. Vivek Jain is a true inspiration, combining corporate excellence with a deep commitment to positive change.

Vivek Jain
Himanand Semwal (1)

Mr. Hima Nand Semwal

Quality Assurance Director

Hima Nand Semwal is a highly experienced professional in the field of seed and organic agricultural production certification, with over 43 years of expertise. He boasts a robust background in various aspects of the field, including seed analysis, breeder seed production, and organic agriculture inspection and certification. Throughout his career, he has made significant contributions, including:

  • Establishing the first National Organic Agriculture Certification Body (USOCA), playing a pivotal role in promoting organic practices across India.
  • Spearheading the development of organic certification bodies in various states, further strengthening the organic agriculture infrastructure.
  • Earning recognition for his contributions, such as the prestigious “Best Organic Certification Body” award in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Actively participating in international events, sharing his knowledge and expertise on a global platform.

Currently, Hima Nand Semwal leverages his extensive experience as the Quality Assurance Director at Jain Beej Bhandar Agro Pvt Ltd. His unwavering commitment to quality and deep understanding of the field make him a valuable asset to the company and a notable figure in the organic agriculture sector.

Nitin Parsai (1)

Awards and Recognition

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